October 07, 2009

Rock Star cover

The Rock Star's Retreat by Belle McClain

Cassandra Geoffrey runs In The Pines Campground six months of the year and spends the other six alone on the West Virginia mountain. She isn’t completely happy with situation, but she loves her wacky, close knit hometown and the man of her dreams doesn’t seem to be appearing.

Until he does.

Jason Callisto is the lead guitarist from Touchstone. Two years ago, his supermodel girlfriend dumped him in People Magazine – in a side bar. Since then he’s been impossible to live with. So much so that his manager exiles him the West Virginia before he breaks up the band on the eve of the Grammys.

Cass sees Jason as the adventure of a lifetime. Jason sees Cass as an ego boost.

Can they accept the risk to reach for more?

Warning: Contains two consenting adults alone in a cabin on the side of a mountain, a few wacky townspeople and a plot twist that took the writer by surprise.

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