October 22, 2007

Rox the Fox

Rox the Fox had no socks.
His friends all had a pair.
Tony the Pony, Lucky the Puppy
Even Claire the Mare.

Lucky had a single pair
He got from his dad Jack.
Black and white, they did not match
And he wore them front and back.

Tony’s socks were solid white
And made a clopping sound.
In the town or on the farm
No better pair was found.

Claire the Mare had two pair,
Furry like her mane.
Stepping proud she pulled the sleigh
Swiftly down the lane.

“I need some socks,” thought Rox the Fox.
So off he went to search.
In the barn he found a Hen
Asleep upon her perch.

“Oh, Mother Hen, where can I find
A pair of socks to wear?”
“Try the yard dear little fox.
I hope you find a pair.”

Outside the barn there was a Hog
As muddy as could be.
So Rox stepped out and asked, “Ms. Sow,
Could you please help me?

I need a pair of socks to wear
Upon my little feet.”
“I know not where to find your socks.
Did you try the wheat?”

With head hung low he wandered down
To sit beside the spring
And listened to the Farmer’s daughter
Lift her voice and sing.

When the song was over
Her smile was bright and gay
Until she saw the little Fox
Wipe a tear away.

Scat the Cat walked up to Rox
And with a swish of tail
Cried, “Hello. Good Day, my friend.
What brings you to our vale?”

“I look for socks to wear each day.
I’ve asked of all I’ve seen.
Can you help me find a pair?
Oh, please. Oh, please. Oh, please?”

“Why must you find these socks to wear?
What will they do for you?”
Scat the cat raised up his paw
And lo! His sock was blue!

“Farmer John will soon be out
From him I must stay clear.
I’ll have to leave, I cannot stay.
He does not like me near.

I see my friends who all have socks
Are all his favored few.
And I wish most to be allowed
To stay and live here, too.

So socks I need to wear each day
His favor then I’ll earn.
A home here with my truest friends
Is all for which I yearn.”

“Ah, my friend I want to help.
These socks I’m sure we’ll find.”
And off they went to search the farm
And left the spring behind.

The Farmer’s daughter watched them go
She’d heard their every word.
Her father then she did approach
To tell him what she’d heard.

Her gentle words and loving face
Did move his heart to tears.
He went in search of Rox the Fox
To set aside his fears.

He found the Fox with Scat the Cat
Out in the field of hay.
And told him if he’d like to live
With them he surely may.

“No socks you need upon your feet.
For love is in your heart.
You are welcome here to stay.
And from us never part.”

From that day forth on the farm
Did live the little Fox.
A happy life, though still he is
A Fox who has no socks.

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